Winners in ‘Gothenburg Art 2021’ competition get to see their creations come to life

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In preparation for the celebration of the city’s 400 year jubilee, which will be held in Gothenburg 2021, a big international competition was held, where artists around the world could compete with ideas for urban art to grace the city’s streets, walls and public spaces.

A fantastic amount of work of arts was submitted in the competition, and now, a while later, the work has started to depict the winning entries across Gothenburg City.

Currently under creation you can find the following art works:

Calm waters
Address: Kommendörsgatan 12
Artist: Concreto Street Art
A proposal that is based on one of the main resources of Gothenburg and the world, water, the artist tries to capture the tranquility by means of a character with a gesture of serenity. From his head emerges a universe that lets out a couple of water bubbles, this represents the infinity and importance of this resource in our body, soul, reason and environment.

Gender Revolution
Address: Skärgårdsgatan 1
Artist: Irene Lasivita
The work is about gender and tolerance. And is a portrait of a girl, or a boy. Free for the interpretation by the viewer.

If you’re around Gothenburg, head out and see these fantastic pieces of art!

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