Partners in Sweden

The West Swedish Painting Contractors Association

The West Swedish Painting Contractors Association (Måleriföretagen i Väst) is a regional industri organization for painting contractors, with expertise in law, labor market and industri development.


Måleriföretagen i Väst, has a long history of implementing development projects. A majority of these projects, spanning over the last 24 years, have been related to labor market. Being a regional organization as an integrated part of a national organisation, the office in Gothenburg has invented a number of labor market projects that have turned into national models. Since a long period of time this region have got an unofficial mission from the national organization to keep on doing development projects.

The Labor Market Administration of Helsingborg

Labor Market Administration is responsible for the areas of employment, income support, and adult education. The main objective of labor administration is that residents in Helsingborg should get a job and support themselves.

To reach that goal, they are working with different labor market measures and training for adults. It is also they who manage applications for income support (financial aid). They cooperate with other authorities in the city and, for example, the Employment office, Business and family Helsingborg. Management has approximately 400 employees and is headed by Jesper Theander, labor director. Labor management is subject to the labor board. Chair Anna Jähnke (M)

The Business Unit of Malmö City

Business units role is to create the conditions for sustainable growth in business. The assumption is that growth generates new jobs. Economic growth will put more Malmö residents into work, which also improves the conditions for the welfare of local residents.

Business unit of Malmö work mainly with three focus areas: getting more companies to establish themselves in the region, promoting dialogue within the business community and support innovative and entrepreneurial environments and increasing collaboration.

In this project the Business Unit will work as coordinator of activities within Malmö Festival, the Street Office and Education Department, regarding youth training and education.


Creates communities where young people can be seen, heard and counted. On this basis, they engaged 50 different activities in the areas of: Youth Culture, Exemplar and optimism, schools and work and entrepreneurship. Fryshuset caters to all young people, focusing especially on those who are living in alienation.

Fryshuset is available in several Swedish cities and is represented throughout Sweden through Fryshuset spirit, their nationwide network of youth organizations.Their businesses ranges from education to culture and entertainment through to projects that address contemporary toughest social challenges. By meeting and investing in young people, they want to contribute to a creative social climate that dare to think in new ways and find new solutions.

Rusch Paintings

Rusch Paintings is a painting contractor, with more than 150 years of qualified experience in advanced decorative painting, and 25 years experience in training and teaching projects. The company has 20 employees and is active in the greater Gothenburg area.

CEO, Patrik Andersson, is a highly skilled decorative painter and has been deputy chief expert in Euroskills and chief expert in World Skills. He has organized training for painters since 25 years. This knowledge and network will be used for mobilities and training activities within the project, as well as for multiplier events. Patrik Andersson is also chairman of West Sweden Painting Contractors Association which provides a good regional network.

KP Paintings

KP Paintings are specialists within inside and outside maintenance painting, ranging from new construction and renovations to the decorations in the stairwells. No job is too big or too small for their 35-person workforce. They accept jobs throughout Europe. After 30 years in the industry, both the maintenance and repair of painting is their specialty. Efficiency and quality are key words in their cooperation with costumers. KP Painting AB care about the environment and works with Alcro eco-labeled paints. Missions often involves repainting, but also there are other areas in need of repair or rebuilding. They offer a turnkey contract with tiles, carpets, ceilings, construction, carpentry and walls baits.