Partners in Spain

The Swedish Chambers of commerce in Spain

An initiative of Swedish business owners and managers in Barcelona for more than 25 years ago, laid the foundation of the first Chamber of Swedish entrepreneurs in Spain. Since then, the house developed and has become a driving factor for economic relations in both directions between Sweden and Spain. The Chamber has thus become a reference partner in business relations between the two countries. Two employees plus the network the member organizations represent.

The Chamber of Commerce can offer their support guiding companies that have an interest in the economic relations between Sweden and Spain. – In the second act the Chamber of Commerce as an organized group are facing public institutions in Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain.
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Lead to Change

A multidisciplinary team of nine senior consultants specializing in strategic innovation, open innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship, business models, communication and design. Our consultants collaborate and give lectures at universities and business schools in Europe, North America and Latin America.

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Contorno Urbano Foundation

Contorno Urbano Foundation it’s a non profit organitzation that was created in 2017. Contorno Urbano mission is to study, promote and preserve urban art as well as accelerate it in society through actions of urban creativity. Urban creativity is a new model of union between art and the city, where the work adapts to the needs of space and people in an integral and organic way.

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