Onofrio Chillemi painted live during the public event in Gothenburg

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Since the organization was founded, painting has been a central part of our projects and collaborations. During the public event Frihamnsdagarna in Gothenburg, we once again demonstrated this in collaboration with Prototyp Gothenburg, where Omställningshotellet (The Transition Hotel) was painted live by the artist Onofrio Chillemi.

Over the last ten years, Onofrio Chillemi has created a series of works that he calls “Indefinite Architecture”. The series contains everything from wall paintings and drawings to objects and installations. The interplay between recurring geometric shapes, organic lines and recycled materials gives life to what can be described as abstract architectural structures. Sometimes the works are chaotic, other times restrained and delicate, but the compositions always come from a playful investigation where the artist is not looking for answers. By challenging our impressions, he instead wants to raise questions with his art.

For the work in Frihamnen I have taken a specific approach, and this involved chopping up (literally) the original design and shuffling the resulting pieces around.

Onofrio Chillemi

In Gothenburg, the goal for the city is to have a climate footprint close to zero as early as 2030. To achieve this, a major change is required that includes many aspects of how the citizens live their everyday lives. Omställningshotellet (The Transition Hotel), which will be built in 2022 and 2023, is being created with the aim of providing community actors and citizens with a physical meeting place where they can discuss topics that contribute to a positive development of the city’s climate transition.

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