Cool Green Deal

Young people improve the climate with unique jobs

Cool Green Deal is a project in Sweden that aims to give young people a counter-image to concerns about the environment and jobs, by having them participate in a concrete environmental project and by their efforts creating green jobs with employment for other young people and themselves.

Young people save the globe

Cool roofing is one of several, but the most important of our described new methods for the inclusion and integration of young people in the development of society! The focus is on giving young people opportunities to participate in concrete measures locally, regionally and globally to slow down global warming. The method we work with, to paint ceilings, is well established in the USA, Canada and China, among others. In recent years, more and more companies have opened up in Europe with this orientation, which creates new green jobs. The company Cool Roof France, based in Normandy and operating throughout France, will contribute outside of this project budget with its many years of knowledge and expertise in the execution of cool roofing carbon dioxide compensating roof surfaces.

Young people create green jobs in Sweden

The jobs created through our identified roofs and other suitable painting surfaces for Cool Roofing provide the opportunity to recruit young adults who are far from the labor market with the aim of moving towards permanent employment through training and practice. Two companies with an extensive recruitment need that will follow the project assess their recruitment needs to 100 new hires each in the area of ​​roof renovation and rust protection/fire protection. The craftsmanship of Cool Roofing roofs is very similar to anti-rust and anti-fire painting, which means that the combination is considered to work very well.

Young people protect animal species

In cooperation with Kretslopp och Vatten i Göteborgs stad and Göteborg Energi, we will design environmental riddles and environmental walking trails among the roughly 17,000 electrical cabinets and power stations in Gothenburg. A completed design with originals that focuses on endangered marine animals has been produced for a first sub-project in the Gamlestaden district. In collaboration with WWF, the World Wildlife Fund, young people can design painted messages, which give particular focus to endangered animal species. The paintings are also to encourage physical activity among children and young people.